SALUTE OUR TROOPS: A Navy veteran now volunteers with Police Wives of Southern Nevada

May 5, 2020

Every month here at News 3 we like to salute our troops — recognizing an individual who has served in the military and continues to serve in our community, making southern Nevada a better place to live.

Our nominee this month is someone who served in the U.S. Navy. She had a tour of duty during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and to this day continues to serve as a member of police wives of southern Nevada.

Kori Jaworski already had a long history of service in her family choosing a branch for herself was probably the biggest challenge.

“My Dad was in the Air Force. My Uncle was in the Air Force and Army,” Kori said. “I liked the uniforms for the Navy. So I chose the Navy, and I wanted to travel, so”

So, she got her uniform, and a pretty impressive means of travel as well.

“I Was stationed aboard the USS Harry S. Truman, which is a nuclear air craft carrier out of Norfolk, Virginia, and so I deployed, and we did Operation Iraqi Freedom,” Kori said. “We deployed to the gulf.”

It was a mission that lasted more than 6 months. Her job aboard the carrier, and throughout her military career for that matter: dental technician and hospital corpseman.

“I learned a lot how to give shots and draw blood and do kind of like that kind of stuff,” Jaworski said. And when I got out of the military I was able to jump right into being a dental assistant.” :10

Five years in the Navy gave her incredible experiences, lasting friendships, and a work ethic and attitude that has followed her into civilian life. She’s now part of a real estate team that looks to her for leadership and motivation.

“We love having her around because she’s always got a smile on her face, she’s always got a ton of energy. Which like I said, it spreads to everybody,” said coworker Dan Mortimer.

Married to a police officer, Kori’s passion now is as a volunteer with the Police Wives of Southern Nevada.

“They go out there and they put their life on the line every single day, and not knowing if they’re going to come home to their families,” Kori said. So we want to be that line that backs them up.”

On behalf of KSNV News 3 and our community partners, the Folded Flag Foundation and Subaru of Las Vegas, we want to recognize you for your service, not only in the US Navy, but your continued service with the Police Wives of Southern Nevada, assisting our first responders, and just doing great work in our community. For that, we salute you!

We’re certainly lucky to have Kori here in southern Nevada. If you know someone who has served in the U.S. Military, click here to submit a nomination.

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