About gk properties

GK Properties is a premier real estate team based in Las Vegas, NV. Our journey to excellence began under a different name back in 2007. But under the supervision of founder George Kypreos since the beginning, we’ve experienced growth and success beyond what we imagined. By maintaining a high standard, we’ve built a remarkable team of honest and dedicated real estate experts. Even more importantly, we’ve earned the trust of many thousands of who we consider to be the very best Las Vegas residents. People like yourself.

We know that in Las Vegas alone there are hundreds of real estate organizations for you to choose from, many of them doing great work. But at GK, we decided from Day 1 that no matter what, client relationships were more important to us than the transactions themselves. With this mindset, our team hustles every day to provide you with the absolute best real estate experience you’ve ever had. We stand by that statement. 100%.

Since 2007, we’ve formed thousands of wonderful relationships with people just like you. We love the Las Vegas area and are devoted to providing white-glove real estate service to every person we’re privileged to work with.

Our Goal

To provide professional, honest, and authentic real estate service to the city of Las Vegas and its surrounding area, as well as to form trusting, lasting relationships with all of our clients.

Our vision

At GK, everything we do is dedicated to the positive growth of our unique city. By putting relationship before transactions, the Las Vegas real estate industry will not only grow stronger, but the city will grow in beauty and the people grow closer.

Our future plans

GK plans to expand their operation throughout Nevada, establishing offices outside the immediate Las Vegas area. Locations in Northern & Western Nevada are upcoming.

Meet the founder


Broker | Owner
Email: george@homes.lv
Phone: 702-444-7644
Licence – B.1001699

George Kypreos is a native of Las Vegas, specifically the Green Valley area. In 25 years of business, his ability to inspire progress has left an indelible mark on the community. As the creative and visionary force behind the GK brand, his penchant for tapping in to raw talent and continually expanding the bounds of service has earned him praise and awards throughout the years. Having personally closed over 2000 transactions throughout his career, George is determined to bolster a team which dominates the Las Vegas market by providing a uniquely informed and exceptional service experience.

George is also passionate about food. He is a former professional chef and spends much of his spare time inventing in the kitchen. He sees a direct correlation between his love of real estate and the culinary arts. Food is the way to the heard. And as we know, home is where the heart is.

George and his wife, Lesley, have a genuine love for people. They feel that this love is the true soul of our operation, expounding on core family values to propel positive change in the lives of many.