Niko Beas

Sales Associate, RealtorĀ® | S.0192996

Hi, I am Niko Beas! I am a RealtorĀ® in the beautiful city of Las Vegas, Nevada out of GK Properties.

I started Real Estate to put me in a position where I can reach all my goals, such as professional and entrepreneurial. I knew Real Estate could help me grow my network as well as capital so that I can achieve everything I set out to, as well as give me the freedom to live life to the fullest.

I enjoy helping others and making people happy. With Real Estate, you get the chance to touch many lives and gain access to tons of opportunities. The room for growth is unlimited and I love that it’s truly what you make of it. With being a hard working, self driven individual, I know the sky’s the limit in this business and I will do whatever to reach my goals for not only myself but my clients as well.

I have done fairly well for myself right off the bat which i’m very proud of and which is something that drives me to go further and truly test myself. I am also excited to see where it will bring me in the future.

I enjoy spontaneousness, adventures, learning, giving to others, spending time with family, meeting new people, experiencing new places, cultures, and new things in general. I love being social and actual was social chair for three years in my college fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fitness and health is also a big factor in my day to day life that I take focus on so I can live an enjoyably long life.