Lesley Kypreos

Owner | General Manager
Realtor® | S.0171259

Lesley Kypreos, is a Real Estate Agent and Owner at GK Properties, born in Nevada and longtime resident in Las Vegas, she has profound knowledge of Real Estate while always prioritizing her family obligations as a wife and mother. Licensed since 2012, Lesley began her career working with builders at the height of the Las Vegas housing market.  With tremendous experience in Accounting, Property Management and Development, she is an irreplaceable cornerstone in Broker Operations. Her uncanny ability to apply real estate strategies to scale while maintain integrity and authenticity are second to none. A love for life and people, she has become the very soul of our operations. From business operations, traditional sales, corporate real estate, property management, and luxury properties. Lesley’s mission is to provide a smooth and seamless transaction from conception all the way to the end. As a leader, she strives to maintain kit glove service within a high volume, high paced Real Estate business. Her vision is mirrored as GK Properties has become the leader in Las Vegas Real Estate.