Cassie Weaver

Realtor® | S.0075788

A city of constant change and enduring growth, Las Vegas is a city of many faces, a city about reinvention, and opportunity.  Cassie Weaver was born and raised in Las Vegas; her own coming of age tale mirrors the city she loves.  A true child of the Wild West, Cassie grew up loving the wide open spaces Las Vegas offers, riding horses and participating in Gymkhana horse shows all over the city during her youth. She came from a world where you learned to work hard for what you wanted, set your sights on a goal, and run it down in spite of the odds or obstacles standing in your way.  With no connections and no reason to expect success, Cassie became a spokesmodel, jetting off to New York, Paris, and Hollywood to work for major label clientele. The rigors of the modeling industry lead her to learn the ways of fitness, and in her way to “learn it” meant to “master it” so she became a certified personal trainer, leading clients to their own fitness and helping them reach their goals.  “Fitness begins and ends with consistency, control and commitment,” she explains, “and really, that’s true of anything worth working for… actually for anything good in life” That work ethic and mind set well recommends her to the world of real estate, a place where the very trade depends on commitment. “Most of my career has come down to relationships,” she offers. “Whether I’m pitching my clients’ clients at a trade show, pushing that workout client to the next level, or re-imagining the terms on a deal everybody said was DOA,” she laughs.  Relationships depend on commitment, after all.  Get that added value, White glove experience with Cassie.