Bradlee Evans

Sales Associate, Realtor® | S.0197151

Welcome! My name’s Bradlee Evans and I look forward to helping you fulfill your housing dreams! Biologically the youngest, I was 15 when my parents started adopting my brothers and sisters. 7 adoptions later and we have a full house now. I’ve lived in 9 states from East Coast to West Coast and after 4 years in Las Vegas, I couldn’t be more proud to call it my home. I’m deeply invested in the tennis community here and the rest of my time is spent with my hard working girlfriend or my huge family.

With a family like mine, I know all too well the importance of finding the right home; the right feel; the perfect fit. Buying or Selling a house can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to. I am committed to being your “YES” man and leveraging all the tools and personnel of the GK Properties team to provide the most comfortable and dependable client agency experience. Buying/Selling a home is ALL about YOU! And I intend to keep it that way!

Please reach out with any inquiries! Can’t wait to say yes!